Dreamland Tours Ometepe was founded in 2017. We offer kayaking and fishing trips, hikes to the vulcanos and a comfortable place to eat, drink and relax. Our aim is to offer the best quality and service to share the treasures of Ometepe with you. We are pursuing the concept of sustainable tourism which protects the natural resources of Ometepe, respects the culture of the population and takes their social needs into account.

Our team

Idalia is our manager and takes care of the administration, bookings and she has the overview of the figures. She is from Ometepe and speaks Spanish and English.

José Antonio
José Antonio is the one who guides the tours. He grew up on Ometepe and knows the island like his trouser pocket. He was trained as a professional guide and has many years of experience in tourism. He is very familiar with the flora and fauna on Ometepe and he speaks Spanish, English and German.

Luis Enrique
Luis, also from Ometepe, cares about cooperations with hotels and other tourism agencies. He works as a hotel manager and has a lot of experience in tourism.

Jörg is our friend from Germany and he works there as a marketing manager. He advises us on marketing matters and takes care of our website and helps with translations.

Special thanks to Carolyn from England. She is a former primary school teacher, headteacher and school adviser and loves to travel to Ometepe. Without her help, we would not have been able to realize the project. She is not officially a member of the company, but she always has an open ear for us. Her commitment also led to the founding of Kids and Kayaks, a local community project.